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Peter Le Voir

Please contact Peter Le Voir if you want support in starting, growing or exiting from your business. Examples of current roles and details of services provided as a part time Director or adviser are included elsewhere on this website and references are available on request. Since 1986, I have started or cofounded seven businesses (advisory, manufacturing, retail and professional services and contracting), and realised proceeds from five of them, and derived income from them all, and so have extensive practical experience across a range of sectors of starting, growing and exiting from firms. Within my corporate finance businesses, I have now advised on thirty plus transactions, with a mix of sales, acquisitions, and fund raisings. I have worked with some of my clients for over 20 years. I spent ten years from 1976-86 with the Bank of Boston, including six months in the US in 1983, and graduated from St John's College, Cambridge University in 1976 in Economics. .