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Here are some of the services provided:

Adviser or part time Director

I provide advice at the start up, growth and exit stages of a firm's development; and can become Director if invited and appropriate; work is typically done for a mix of time based or periodic fees, plus equity and/or success fees linked to successful outcomes. At the start up and early stage, this work includes feasibility assessment, the refinement of the business model, the identification of points of difference and ability to grow, and hands on assistance with recruitment, commercial arrangements, capital raising and systems. As a business grows, services include the discussion and agreement of the business strategy and business model, potential involvement in its execution (including commercial arrangements, financial direction and help with recruitment of key staff), involvement with practical decision making, and support with corporate finance (funding and deals). As shareholders start looking to realize their investments, this stage includes the identification of shareholder and other stakeholder objectives, preliminary valuation, advice on options, and practical assistance through the process working with other specialist advisers as appropriate.


This includes lecturing and encouragement, analysis and assessment, and guidance and mentoring.